Animation movies

During the last years, I have made a number of short animation movies introducing concepts and ideas for different clients and project purposes.

DateSince 2012

Vitako is a federal association for German communal IT service providers. Since explaining concicely all they are doing is a very complex, but common challenge for them, they asked me to do a short video for them. We worked very closely and openly together in developing the script, and visual ideas. The Sound Design was done by Carina Pannicke. I did the graphics and animation (unfortunately only in German).


ELAP is an online platform to plan and exchange content for teaching. Deniz Dilek did the Sound Design for this film, and Irina Scholz did the voiceover.


Bürger Baut Stadt is an application made by Magdalena Noffke and Joanna Dauner to inform citizens about construction projects in their area, helping them to participate. It was sponsored by Stadt Land <Code> My movie illustrates the need for the application and its basic functionality. The sound was done by Joanna Dauner. (unfortunately, again, only in German)


“Some thoughts and a few ideas on the topic of presence” is the result of a 1-week project Siri Johannson, Maria Zenkevich and I did for the teleconferencing provider Avaya at UID in autumn 2012. We all did some sketches and animations.


I did two animation movies for the service design project ‘Knytt’ which I worked on with Ayse Gokce Bor and Miha Feus at UID in spring 2012.