Berlin is dotted by numerous lakes and bathing spots of different size, popularity, fame and accessability. Exploring new spots offers manifold adventures. If you are, every summer, on the search for less crowded, more social or family-friendly beaches, clearer waters, or want to know what creatures swim around you, this could be a site for you!

ClientIndividual sandbox project at UID
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In this 2-weeks exercise, the sport was to display multiple (at least 10) layers of data simultaneously in one graphic. I conducted a short email-survey with 11 people living in Berlin to find out what they would like to know. Some of the ideas were later used in the project Berliner Badestellen.

The visualization shows info on accessability by bike and public transportation, water quality, information on wildlife. For many foreigners, the high number of nudist beaches, and the frequent custom to take dogs swimming may come as a surprise. Location specific features, such as entrance price and opening hours (for closed-off baths), the availability of food, shops, playgrounds and other infrastructure appear as icons. Weather forecast and location-specific thunderstorm warnings are visualized in a sun/clock-like graphic.


The mobile App

The mobile App relies on icons and more abstract information – but all information is accessible.